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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement
Our Philosophy
The Timiskaming First Nation Health Centre will provide community-based health and wellness programs that are holistic, universally accessible, inclusive, and which provide quality of care, client safety, and address the rights of individuals to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.
  • The TFN Health Centre‚Äôs perspective on Health and Wellness articulates a holistic vision of wellness which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual that embraces traditional and contemporary teachings, skills and values which benefit those receiving and giving care.
  • We recognize that good health and wellness starts with every human being and extends outward to include the broader social, economic, cultural and environmental determinants of health and wellness.
  • We believe that all individuals have the right to all the basic requirements which we hold scared.
  • We believe and respect the beliefs, values, culture, and spirituality of all individuals.
  • We believe that each individual is worthy of respect and freedom of choice.
  • We believe that each individual seeking help at the TFN Health Centre has the right to the programs and services, which ensure nurturing, support and empowerment to begin their journey to wellness.
Vision Statement
Through the effective and efficient use of human resources who are working as a team, the Timiskaming First Nation Health Centre will deliver inclusive quality programs and provide client-centered holistic health and social services to the community of Timiskaming. Our programs will be culturally adapted and sensitive to the needs of our clients and their families, support a healthy life-style, will be based on mutual respect and work to reduce the incidence of addictions. Confidentiality, cultural appropriateness and informed consent will be guiding principles in our service delivery. Together as a team, and using a strengths-based approach, we will collaborate together and with our partners to work towards a strong, healthy community.

Values Principles
Quality Care
Cultural Sensitive Client Approach
Best Practice Approach
Treat Everyone Equal

Team Client Centered Approach
Welcoming Friendly
Quality Service
Role Model  

  • Information sharpening to better serve clients in a non-judgmental approach
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere for staff who are compassionate and empower their clients
  • The TFN Health Centre staff will always be transparent in their intentions towards their clients and the community.
  • The TFN Health Centre staff will strive to be positive role models in and outside the community
  • A cultural sensitive approach allows us to treat each individual with integrity, fairness and honesty.
  • Teamwork based on integrity with the wisdom form our Elders and Seniors and love for our people will build equity in our community.
  • Integrity and equality are the core principles behind our services.
  • Teamwork with love and wisdom helps better service the community.
  • Each client is unique and capable of achievements
TFN Health Centre  
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