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First Line Services

First Line Services

Wedokowin First-line Social Services are offered as part of child and family services to support parents, children and families in the community by way of overall preventive and culturally-adapted services.
These services work in the best interests of children, families and the community by maintaining family, cultural and social links.

The objectives of these services are to:

  • prevent and reduce the rate of reported cases and the number of cases in which the authorities take over responsibility for the child;
  • prevent and reduce the number and length of placements outside the family and community of origin;
  • promote and reinforce early intervention with children and parents before the family situation can worsen;
  • act on the main risk and protection factors;
  • develop individuals’ and communities’ strengths and skills.

The services offered to children, teenagers and their families use a multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral approach.

For further information about the program please drop by the Health Centre or contact any members of the TFN First Line Services Team
Tel: 819-723-2260
Clinical Supervisor
Community Outreach
Family Support
Mike Beaubre - Ext 125
Theresa Wabie - Ext 124
Tel: 819-723-2153
Family Violence Program
Martine Marais - ext. 116
IRS Program
(National Aboriginal Youth Suicide    Prevention Strategy)
Youth Theater Facilitator
Tel: 819-723-2255
Social Worker
Mary Renaud - ext. 126
Social Worker
Sacha Wabie - ext. 117
Youth Centre Workers
Nicolas Rodgers
Tel: 819-723-2255

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