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Community Mobilization

Social Development
The Timiskaming First Nation Health Centre will coordinate community mobilization and is part of the new Health Plan and we receive our mandate form the Chief and Council.
Strong leadership with community member support to drive the community-wide efforts. Strong leaders include both individuals who take on the work and the organization(s) that spearhead collaborative efforts. Lead organizations in this case the TFN Chief and Council possess a number of key characteristics including: the will to serve as the leader of the community mobilization effort over a significant period of time; the capacity to provide both infrastructure and human resources; financial stability; the ability to garner and manage financial resources, and the respect and support of the community.
Ensure that individuals and organizations in leadership positions have adequate support and resources.

This document details the role of the Coordinator Responsible for Community Mobilization, Citizen Involvement and the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

By implementing the Program to Hire Coordinators Responsible for Community Mobilization, Citizen Involvement and the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles in First Nations and Inuit Communities in Québec, the Québec government wishes to contribute to the achievement of
three desired results:
  • greater mobilization of First Nations communities and Northern villages around the improvement of living conditions
  • increased citizen participation in community mobilization through local organizations and within the communities in general or outside them
  • creation of environments that encourage healthy lifestyle habits, especially for young people

The Coordinator’s mandate revolves around three main responsibilities connected to the Program’s objectives. The Coordinator also takes the community’s needs into consideration.
Through joint efforts and collaboration with local partners, the Coordinator:
  1. Participates in initiating and/or coordinating a community mobilization process in his or her community
  2. Plays a leading role in developing a process to encourage citizens to get involved
  3. Contributes to creating environments that promote healthy lifestyle habits

To do this, the Coordinator may carry out activities such as the following:
  • Participate in the planning, carrying out and monitoring of community mobilization and citizen involvement by contributing to :
    • the production of a profile and needs analysis
    • the definition of a shared vision of development
    • the preparation of an action plan
    • the implementation and follow-up of the action plan
    • the assessment and analysis of how the approaches are working
    • Contribute to the development of an operating method for a community mobilization structure and/or oversee it
    • Facilitate liaison between the community mobilization structure, local decision-makers and support partners such as Indigenous organizations, government departments and bodies, parapublic organizations, NGOs, and so on
    • Collaborate in and facilitate the implementation of initiatives during social crisis situations, with the support of the community mobilization structure and the partners that intervene in such contexts
    • Work in close collaboration with the provincial coordinator and participate in the skills development activities offered

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